Our Missions

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

IDS harnesses AI and ML to develop intelligent systems to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency. We integrate diverse intel to support operational planning to deliver concise, actionable insights to decision-makers. For combat operations, our technology enables real-time target reassessment and precise weapons deployment.

Logistics & Supply Chain Optimization

Our solutions predict disruptions and optimize utilization of all types of mission-critical resources.

UAV Enhancements

IDS boosts navigation, surveillance, and mission-specific tasks, expanding the strategic and tactical options available to defense forces.

Business Practice Transformation

IDS utilizes AI/ML to optimize operational outcomes by boosting productivity, reducing costs, and uncovering hidden data insights.

LLM Innovation

Pushing the boundaries with LLM, IDS provides structured approaches to data management and algorithm optimization to enhance decision-making, opening new avenues for strategic planning and problem-solving, ultimately redefining operational possibilities.

Advanced RF Engineering and Integration

Advanced, SDR Waveforms & Apertures

We specialize in customizing resilient RF solutions for communication and surveillance, ensuring multi-generational system compatibility with our advanced Software-Defined Radio expertise.

Rapid Waveform Prototyping & Transitioning

IDS excels in RF engineering, emphasizing rapid prototyping, clear communication, and effective sensing. Our use of innovative contracting, like OTAs and Public-Private Partnerships, accelerates the development and deployment of advanced RF systems.

Communications Terminals Utilization

IDS has deep experience with communications terminals, including MIDS, MIDS JTRS, and SATCOM across all orbits. We provide insights for deploying, integrating, and optimizing these technologies, ensuring superior communication capabilities.

Airborne Networking

We enable secure, robust communication links among aerial platforms, integrating cutting-edge technologies for uninterrupted real-time data exchange and control.

Security Engineering

IDS utilizes the Risk Management Framework, developing secure architectures and employing cryptographic and cross-domain solutions. We balance security with operational needs, ensuring mission integrity and efficiency.

Secure Data Communications

Interoperability Engineering

IDS leads in tactical networking, mastering Link 16, VMF, IBS, evolving UCI, and low observable data links for platforms like F-22 and F-35. Our work in UCI messaging and standard optimization supports seamless, robust JADC2 initiatives, ensuring synchronized operations across all domains.

Joint Fires Integration

IDS elevates the precision and effectiveness of fire support across multiple domains to ensure seamless coordination between air, land, sea, space, and cyber operations. Our approach enhances synchronized offensive and defensive actions that leverage the full spectrum of available firepower.

Rapid Prototyping & Fielding

IDS excels in rapidly advancing technologies onto legacy platforms through our hardware and software engineering prowess. We integrate diverse technologies into cohesive systems, optimizing performance and interoperability, rapidly equipping our forces with cutting-edge tools.

Strategic and Tactical Networking, Integration, & Test

We specialize in integrating and testing strategic and tactical networks, enhancing legacy system support for diverse mission requirements, ensuring reliable and secure communications.

Tactical Data Link Gateways

We're transforming Tactical Data Link Gateways into dynamic enterprise nodes, offering advanced compute, storage, and network services. This enhances JADC2 operational capabilities with secure, resilient networks.

Advanced Concept Development Prototyping and Integration

Operational Requirements Consulting

We align technological solutions with strategic mission goals, transforming operational needs into clear system requirements and capabilities.

Rapid Acquisition Consulting

Through Operational Requirements Consulting, we align technological solutions with strategic mission goals, transforming operational needs into clear system requirements and capabilities.

Digital Engineering MBSE

We employ Digital Engineering with Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to create detailed digital representations of systems for validation and analysis, streamlining development and ensuring robust system performance.

Commercial Best Practices

IDS specializes in identifying transformative commercial technologies from the US and Five Eyes nations to elevate defense capabilities.